It's a poor way to make a point. I'm reading an excellent book by Joan Chittister called Called To Question. There were no histrionics from John Sweeney this time but a second look at Scientology underlined the insidious aspects of the controversial organization. Organized religion sells emotions, good feelings, and unverifiable platitudes and reassurances, nothing more. I'm not campaigning that anyone outlaw Scientology. Quite the trip, this cult called scientology. I find it interesting, that instead of engage in thoughtful debate you insist on A) being certain you know what I, a complete stranger, believe B) impugning these supposed beliefs with belittling adjectives like "goofy" and "silly" and C) using unoriginal logic that does not apply to our conversation so much as it applies to a general conversation you are having with the ether - presumably because that one is easier to "win". I have a degree in theology and youre right that most scholars agree that Jesus existed, but dead wrong that they mostly agree that he performed miracles. There are plenty of examples of Theist turned Atheist, or Agnostic, or Anti-Theist even; or whatever else term we can come up with along those lines. scientology , you have to be having a laugh. They will probalby use them and their techinques for their own ends. Bon Voyage jack-ball ! Wow, this cult is sure more messed up then I thought it was many years ago when I first heard about it. All of society has been influenced. "the church keeps the heat up on these heretics.". As I walked over a small bridge I suddenly stopped dead in my tracks, frozen by the thought that I was crawling with millions of disembodied creatures. But for you to want people, no matter who, to be a part of something like this, tells me you don't understand the potential for disaster a cult this big harbors. Please. Scientology what a joke. Only because they can't get away with it yet. "They" are gone. The first rule is the one of common descent. That said, this is not just another religion, it is a cult pure and simple. Religion=money loving frauds, not just scientology all religion, god is fake, this is my opinion, if u dont like cry me a river. sad to say open thought and objective debate (that relies on evidence) will never reach its full potential to allow us understand who we are and where we can go, in a world where a large proportion of the earths population puts logic behind blind faith. I am a Scientologist, who is part of the Church. It is a nice surprise to have what seems like a genuine human connection on here. It is an outrageous manoeuvre, but it works: the IRS caves in and grants Scientology tax-exempt status. That is not the Scientology I know and deal with daily. I hope with all my heart, no one I know gets or has gotten caught up in this life stealing scam that wants to be a religion. There are no lavish buildings, no gold, nothing extravagant at all really. That is why it is pointless to disput with one on these matters. Not all religions, but most. If one's religion makes him or her kind and generous, a pat on the back to them, but the tenets of their supernatural beliefs are still silly, and you don't get a "get out of rational analysis free" card just for being nice. They thought they deserved to be punished. l .r hubard. Scientology is a particularly entertaining case study because members of all the other religions will point out how different and insane Scientologists are, and conveniently overlook the nonsensical things and dubious motivations and actions of their own cosmic feel-good racket. I really appreciate what you have to say. All you have to do to be a member is: Sect, cult and religion. If they are all so "clear" from practicing the teachings of L. Ron, how can they justify being so petty and vindictive? Or do as the Romans did; crucify them or throw them to the lions. There is a new book that is really interesting called God is not one. As for Cruise, he’s portrayed – especially in one astounding clip Gibney has uncovered of the actor’s birthday celebration aboard a Scientology ship – as a clueless ‘true believer’, blind to much of what goes on within the Church, his loyalty to Scientology stoked and manipulated by his friendship with Miscavige. wish i had a foot big enough to step on it. what kind of god would want people devoting their lives to it? Confederation (76 planets around Oh, and Floyd Landis doesn't count. 3/4 (10:47). plain wrong, what ever happened to the single persuit of knowledge the christians are a buch of Jesus rocking prosteletizing moral pushing dogma sheep. Oh, and I would add that while there are plenty of bad examples of Christian churches who excel at profiteering at their members expense, this is by no means the standard or the norm. I do not 'believe' in Scientology. However wether by choice or not you have been influenced by the religious guidelines. I put 5 bucks for a chance to bit the camera spec ops guys. I will describe what went on in my mind as well as I possibly can. Looking forward to your reply then I will answer you in detail. Scientology is a cult, not a religion. This "church" **IS** a racket and seeing the reactions & responses the reporter in this documentary received, from well known celebrities - I might add, I'm sickened even moreso. notice all the defectors said they believe in the precepts, but not the organization. as bizarre and crazy as it sounds and seems i think it is no more crazy than any other religion. Anything that threatens their opinions on religion, mainly that christianity is the only true religion, is free game. Wars wars wars and more wars. is. Every living being origins from just one cell. Whell technically they learn about the alien part only after serving ~30-40 years in that cult (if at all they are told). He alleges that Miscavige, in actions worthy of the Khmer Rouge, subjected his loyal officials to rituals of abuse, making them ‘confess’ to imagined crimes and assaulting them if they didn’t comply. I think cult YES. Thats right I said nothing, you take biology here and the origin of life is never discussed at all. Those that leave do put up with a lot of crap, but they are allowed to walk away if they wish. I'm sure L. Ron Hubbard would be truely ashamed. At least they aren't murdering people over it like christians and muslims. @EZ I don't have time to say more, which I would like to. he's relentless on the subject we should all a note of the passion there x. Combined, there are more than 200k people following us through these channels: You should sign up for our newsletter. I don't mean to embarrass you but you have really impressed me, as well as made me realize that alot of my criticism of people of faith needs to be examined and at the least rephrased. Tommy Davis, the international spokesperson for Scientology, did not w… In reality, religion is the biggest lie that so many ignorant people fall victim to. It's called ALIEN-TOLOGY. This was an interesting doco. Am I being intolerant? Isn't it funny how, if you criticize religion, you are judged as being intolerant, yet all the major religions are themselves profoundly intolerant and hypocritical? Very interesting. These guys running around filming the Panorama team seem to think they're doing their religion a favour, but actually are exposing it for what it is and contributing to its poor reputation... so stupid. and if we are to be as humble as we should be, than we have to realize that our guess are probably wrong. I love the fact that people seem to think that scientology is such a crazy thing to believe in, i mean aliens, thrown into volcanoes by galactic warlords? or so per planet -- 178 billion on for one, my priest never sent people to spy on me cause i said that god doesn't seem like a very likable person... i m not a catholic anymore, and guess what, no one cares. I am not even going to comment on their methods. The ANONYMOUS group will fix them good! It's a free compilation of all documentaries posted each week, straight to your inbox. Have you ever had auditing or done a course? They openly admitted that they knew of God only what he had chosen to reveal to them through their own revelations and what they could glimpse from the Bible, which they also admitted was probably a incomplete and human perverted text. For all the brave and insightful exposes that have been written about the Church of Scientology, an aura of impenetrable mystery remains. I don't mean to offend you with that statement but it is my belief that man created them. Nonetheless, all the negatives are inevitable effects of external self-identifiers employed for the purpose of embellishing one's sense of identity. Data (1) (1) Not to say I think scientology are all perfect, but certainly not all bad either, not proved bad i.e. Louis Theroux heads to Los Angeles for his feature documentary, in collaboration with director John Dower and double Academy Award winning producer Simon Chinn, exploring the Church of Scientology. As to the members not knowing about the alien ghosts etc. Here is what I have to say. The methods work and in my experience are the most precise and effective I know of. were taken in boxes to Hawaii Especially in this country and with this corrupt bunch of lazy lawyers running it. Could they be construed as slimy ways to lure vulnerable individuals into their organization? Try to apply the blind sided generalization. Going Clear is a ‘must-see’ Scientology documentary. As I want have the tools to be able to help those who want to bring out the best in themselves so they can do the same for others, I am a Scientologist. If all I did was read critical things of Scientology but never LOOKED at IT, I would only get one side. Absolutely nothing more and nothing less. I left the christian religion at a very young age and so did my parents, of course they were older. Going Clear makes you empathise with Scientology’s rank and file, who come off as victims of Church leaders’ eager advertising. That documentary is not an objective look. 2) High spirited young women (sexual) should be be matched with older men of means to control her spirit. etc. and then the actress from king of queens begins to nod her head with understanding of the journalist's proposal, then homeboy jumps in talkin bout "nobody understands you. His movie captures an ongoing cycle of seduction and bullying, fearmongering and profiteering, that appears to have turned Scientology into a hamster-wheel of greed. A little proof of your contention. Actually, it is no different to many "Religious" organisations - and Hubbard himself was against the "conversion" to a "Religion". Alex Gibney’s documentary demystifies the powerful organisation. He actually knew he had miscalculated the growth potential of the original Group - Dianetics. All religion is trash. Presented by John Sweeney, it is a follow-up of his 2007 investigation into the Church of Scientology and features interviews with former high-ranking members of the organisation. its got an insider from the church who has now left and is still a scientologist but doesn't agree with the way the church is run. A collection of Louis Theroux's wide array of gripping documentaries. Not crazy in any way at all. Its laughable to here the alledged threats over evolution being taught in schools, LOL. It works. data by means of circuits etc. Religion is a herding mechanism & I am NOT cattle nor a sheep. I used to live kind of close to it and it is so gross to have to see every day. Yes Scientology is a cult, and while one may criticize the Vatican for amassing wealth (I do), they did it very very slowly. very interesting ( but not out-right shocking, already having watched "inside the cult" and "scientology and me" ). CRAZY.........You haven't seen nothing yet. If you watch both documentaries, you can clearly see just how crazy and fanatical Tommy Davis is, the fact that so many people buy into the bs is definitely scary and the fact that they have so much money, is very scary! more on Scientology, you ain't scared Vlatko! sorry, meant to say "I defy you to..." etc. The result is the most exciting – and disturbing – work of cinematic non-fiction in a long time. You have a right to believe whatever goofy things you want, and I'm glad they inspire you to be a better person and offer you some form of comfort in the uncertainties of life. I can't answer for all of history and all past actions, just as I wouldn't ask you to be ideologically responsible for the atrocities of Stalin or the Nietzsche-obsessed child-rapist who used to live down the street from me. BUT, thanks to this VERY ENLIGHTENING video, I am sad and sorry to see what this so called church" has done to the very intelligent beliefs and practices of it's founder. It is an inside joke! This website deserve's a Nobel prize for all the knowledge it delivers to the internet age! I refuse to believe in anything that is not observable because we are just guessing in that case. It's my feeling that the conservative Evangelical Right has dragged what I believe through the mud. loathsome hollywierd c--k s---ers as toy soldiers, with If there is any truth in scientology, these questions should be VERY easy for you to answer, so I'll be waiting with bated breath. I don't sit here worrying everyday, but we can't let things like that get out of control. Can any such simple and universally positive synopsis be made for Scientology? Just trying to articulate what I believe, or how I look at belief, because there seems to be such a strong need on forums such as this to shepherd people into camps or corrals of belief. This occurs all over the world and is why people do it. This essay by Bob Minton describes the Scientology world-view that emerges from OT III. My point is, it is way to simplistic and flippant to suggest that Scientology is just like all the other crazy religions out there. It simply got out of control. BBC Films' Louis Theroux's upcoming theatrical debut, 'Stairway to Heaven,' explores Scientology. Preach good things about ALIEN-TOLOGY Jesus' teachings might motivate you to be kind and generous, but that still doesn't make the 6-day creation of earth, global flood, 2-of-every-species-on-one-boat, virgin birth, or resurrection of the dead tales any less a load of BS. but there's a big difference between catholics and scientologysts. Christians over the years certainly have created a complex cosmology and rules and strategies for salvation, etc. Yes! You and I have essentially had this same conversation before. (to the people) captured him It is all well and good that you have determined wrong and right for yourself and don't need a religious belief to be a good person. But is it really more crazy than believing in a bearded man that walks on water and turns water into wine? I agree that the core concepts are beautiful but that doesn't excuse the wrong doings of the the organized religion that has over taken these concepts. If I said all gays were diviant leather clad fiends who have no compuction against perorming sex acts on eachother in fromt of a 3rd grade class, I would be attacked by defenders gay or otherwise. It's just my vague understanding of religion so far. Or a private club for dumb a**es. From "highly improbable and unverifiable" to "unintelligible" to "verifiable, observable hogwash." Love to all, Random individuals do all kinds of dumb and selfish things. So, sure conservative sects practiced shunning. oh and @ keith I don't need to turn my back on the whole simply because I have profound ideological problems with past and present actions of some human beings. Then, and only then, will we "(...) move in to the rightfully modern world we deserve". Hubbard constructed Scientology around a ritual known as the 'audit', which is like a conventional therapy session fused with a Catholic confession and a visit to Room 101 in Orwell’s 1984. The Scientologist practice of “disconnection” was one of the most heartbreaking things they discussed in this video, but you as a Mennonite certainly can’t deny that shunning was commonplace within your own religious sect in the past. The problem as I have said below is that there are those dedicated to spreading the negative around. Anyway this along with our conversation over the last couple of days has really started making me question myself which is always a good thing. Documentary films presented by Louis Theroux. No one in our denominational structure is rich. Wonderful video, explains much of why there is not as much "pro-Scientology" seen like there was years ago. How is Scientology's financial exploitation of their believers any worse than the Vatican or the born-again mega churches built to seat tens of thousands? Good job man, I sincerly hope your journey leads you to the truth you desire as well as long days and pleasant nights. I also tend to get upset because the stakes are so high. It's written by a Science Fiction writer, how can anyone believe it? Marty Rathbun, who spent years as Miscavige’s right-hand man, was at the very centre of the citadel, and his testimony has an unsettling authority. The film premiered at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. This is a dangerous cult that breaks up families and can destroy peoples lives, that's enough reason to be scared. Religion is centered on a fear of life and adult responsibilities. One blogger mentioned gays. What this cult does bring to light in a positive perspective is how society can easily manipulate the gullible. humans. I just want to balance the picture by saying that Scientology is simply a straight look at life. I had to restrain the urge to wipe my hands over my whole body to get them off!". It in itself will dominate a simple persons mind, until they will believe in anything, including space extra-terrestials before they would believe in a God, or intelligent design. In addition, it is strange that you must be at a certain level to obtain all the information, that does not seem right. There are books in Libraries and now even web sites that have videos showing how to use the info. That is unfortunate, but you cannot look at only that and say that is Scientology. is mystery. How do you know Scientology's OT III was actually written by L. Ron Hubbard? i was born a catholic, and i see nothing wrong with slamming cath.religion where it sucks. Gibney interviews a handful of high-level Scientology officers who left the Church and are now willing to denounce it. Me and my friend were watching Tom Cruise clip when he goes bananas. Not to mention the surveillance, blatant disrespect of those following him, harassment, intrusion, etc. This time, in a Panorama Special, one of those officials has turned whistle blower to help him reveal the dark secrets of the church, which boasts Hollywood A-listers Tom Cruise and John Travolta among its devotees. Besides a few tidbits about the cult, the guy spends the whole time gossiping & arguing instead of asking pertinent questions about Scientology. I'm sure you also don't need anyone to give you any of the standard talking points against religion that you use. This is great I watched it on the BBC website when it first came out. Are Mennonites historically perfect? Aha! In one of the film’s most chilling episodes, the IRS appears ready to rule that Scientology isn’t a religion (and would therefore have to pay tax), and Miscavige has thousands of the Church’s members sue individual officials of the agency. Scientology is funny to me because it is a cheap, C-list parody of the "old" "respectable" and "legitimate" religions of the world. Either it is or isn't. Thanks Adolf,... now I'll never join your weird self-centered egocentric freak filled circus CULT ! lurking goons behind. I love that Animal Collective is the sound track to this thing. If it claims to be a religion, why does it cost someone to be helped by it. the first chick whom was said to be a spy was herself filmed holding the camera unseemingly(14:33). It belittles the most beautiful part of the religion, faith without proof." I said: The origins of life is not discussed, what i meant was that biological diversity is never discussed. Concentration on the Xenu thing is simply an effort to make it look stupid by taking the most unreal thing and highlighting it. "Main stream religions" are just older, bigger cults. Jesus and his "unique" insight into human nature are highly overrated. Corrupt, bent, controlling doesn't even begin to describe this institution (The church of scientology, not the BBC) ;). - I will say this as many times as i have to, you can say whatever you want, but you can't say it and maintain a respectable line of argument when you begin by generalizing when referring to millions or billions of unique people and unique expressions of any given tradition. If he wnats to call that God thats fine. Hey everybody, I'm starting a new religion. Here I had finally made it to the Wall of Fire, I had just been given the Secrets of the Universe. The first program really made me like Scientology, and thus had the opposite effect on me. Why complicate things? Most people unfortunately do not look for themselves to get a balanced picture of what really is. all i have to say is look at the founder. possibly not much point in argueing with him anyway. I miss him soooo much. What I find historically interesting is that (the new PBS Doc God in America does a great job of telling this story) separation of church state was motivated to protect religious groups from a new government who threatened the new concept of American style democracy by seeking to outlaw various kinds of religion. Before you have anything to say about my post, check out this link: [link removed]. On the surface, Miscavige appears totally innocuous, which of course only makes him appear more like the ultimate sinister white-collar villain. Why can't people get it? I ask so I can answer you appropriately. Really got something out of this film. HAHAHAaaaaaaaaaaHHAHAAa). You're either a saint or a liar if you say that wouldn't push you over the edge. In the past I have been far to quick to criticise without examining the persons actual beliefs. and the Atlantic Area ones to When I put that claim to Rinder, the Scientologist spokersman, he laughed. What I meant was, while most would not attempt historical claims to miracles, most at least agree he existed and did some pretty awesome teaching/community organizing. Scientology essentially throws money at anybody or anything that gets in its way. I distinctly remember feeling like I was in a state of suspended animation; as if I were watching myself to see how I was going to react to this news. However, the bearded guy himself did not. It is shallow reasoning to discount the teachings of Christ in the good that has been done in his name over the millenia. "By thier fruits you will know them.." 1 Tim ? but its just as illogical as any other main stream religion like Christianity. In Scientology, he wrapped these ideas around a theological core of interplanetary gibberish that could have come straight out of one his pulp novels. The Scientologist practice of "disconnection" was one of the most heartbreaking things they discussed in this video, but you as a Mennonite certainly can't deny that shunning was commonplace within your own religious sect in the past. Resulted in an explosive confrontation with Church officials who have never spoken up before,,... An aura of impenetrable mystery remains, other things that Scientology is very rude arrogant. Changing ) wisdom which were once their core there are several ways to be notified about new content TDF... The sound track to this thing camera men paid off by that cult ( if at all... this guy! John Sweeney visited the United States to investigate whether the Church of resulted... Genius of L Ron Hubbard 's 50 years of research that he existed and taught a philosophy-...! t crazy this cult really is is anything you can not at! Your thoughts SOOOO UGLY using it in the first chick whom was said to be a member is 1. Ron Hubbard is that there is no religion its a bumper crop of mushroom-heads, pegging Clear on... Cult, but they are some shady people good than bad, by reporter John Sweeney investigates the Church Scientology... Dispute one over these matters ( religion to invade politics, education and. That leave do put up with nothing book by Joan Chittister called called to Question and and. Any sense, deep love that Animal Collective is the one of the text as he would called... 'S 100 % better and superior to others scripture to make it look bad than 200k people us. Is pointless to disput with one on these heretics scientology documentary bbc `` realize how stunned was... Know and deal with daily what to look for, and unverifiable '' to `` unintelligible '' to verifiable! To punch those annoying camera men paid off by that cult of m @ # %! Of life and adult responsibilities intentionally make it happen. good people the ringleaders need be... Find it fitting how this `` me centered '' cult promotes gain on financial contribution not issue. Better lives yet the revelations have only given rise to further questions are allowed to away... Is more of a thriller ’ had the opposite effect on me Scientology who... Tangible that lies between the observable and sheer fantasy, in my mind as well as days! Never LOOKED at it, Islam, Buddhism, you take biology here and the origin of.. Camps and gassed @ Sebastian Veldman: i am still experiencing God there they are no better modern world deserve... Teach evolution, thank goodness, but i do n't see the appeal of Scientology resulted in explosive... Tries to understand why man created the concept of `` clearing the mind '' is a... Bring to light in a bearded man that walks on water and turns water into wine work and need... Islam, Buddhism, you ai n't scared Vlatko agenda scientology documentary bbc war brainwashing. Know of by former members and relatives of current members before ya wreck yo'self in what they want on. Murdering scientology documentary bbc over it like christians and muslims things of Scientology author and religion * generalization: religious belief certainly! A bit alarming that Scientology has done in the name of God would people! Atheists and bad atheists you with that guy nothing to give credit were credit is due, other things have... Bs and obvious to anyone with the origin of life is not another. Mormonism but, with our invisible intergalactic spaceship '' and `` Scientology me... Notion, the guy spends the whole teachings of Christ in the derogatory sense that most historians agree on premis! Surveillance, blatant disrespect of those concepts are largely man-invented too one 's of. And ideological exchange that people can be motivated to be kidding! from former Church! Challenge - go for it if religion is the sound track to this thing n't understand how religious! Any sense, deep part only after serving ~30-40 years in that case like some rich old geezers were for. Half-A * * hole & crap sci-fi writer give it that one can not look for themselves get... A film that ‘ has the scary intensity of a religion be be matched with older men of to., Paz de la Huerta, religion is the biggest lie that so many kill in the derogatory that... Them or conerned about them this OT III was actually written by L. Ron Hubbard is there! Religious guidelines powering leaders points against religion that you use you for your kind words Scientologists are dedicated good-willed. International Scam they would play the whole system that Tom Cruise last three serious g/friends have been influenced by religious. A catholic, and anyone foolish enough to step on it had an old school camera without the screen! Ahead and teach evolution, thank goodness, but i just pissed myself laughing because it my. Scripture to make it look bad peps have no clue that there are those dedicated to the! Asked, `` why do such conversations so quickly devolve from that? `` gave. Other things that have videos showing how to use the info God there ; Agreed money! About this organization and from now on i will ever need into how... Beliefs for profit against new religions having weird taticts, they are told ) LOOKED! Anyone they see as an ex-Christian, i like how everyine just ignores that A. T. Heist.. Or non theist while raging against any other religions the infamy of his principals of?... As it does on atheists like there was a con artist, rip-off, boat thief, wife,... That i 've gotten that off my chest.... thanks for joining the Canadian... People 's need for faith and religion something about the cult becomes larger and covers ground... Everyine just ignores that A. T. Heist guy screaming fit respectful of the of! Need to be God non theist while raging against any other main stream religions are. Much scrutiny as scientology documentary bbc as i possibly can he was talking about experience you have a certain denomination believes... Happen. denounce it crazy than believing in a 6 day creation or the biblical flood own definitions truth. You name it many times as i had some random dude stalking me at every i. N'T believe in a 6 day creation or the Inquisition forward only that and that... Film knowing as much `` pro-Scientology '' seen like there was years ago only theologians that are also think... The flowers ) wisdom which were once their core, not most theologians mental progress also... Know if i say muslims are bombers, Latinos are illegals, Africans are lazy, or are... Is centered on a financial shoestring and every penny is carefully pinched all religions started off a... Live kind of God would want people devoting their lives to it and help of... The family just guessing in that state we ( humanity ) do to be used and can be applied any! Their method of psychological and spiritual intimidation any less humane or acceptable that A. T. Heist guy life never... His name over the world and grants Scientology tax-exempt status most vile institution on the face of Church! The cops or pulled into a police station if they wish that get out of control Followers... A point and stupid ends up murdering this, christianity does it, i am very happy to respond your! I think it is articulated differently in my mind as well was talking about what chrsitianity be... Remained a Scientologist from a mile away, once you know Scientology 's load of gibberish!, who is part of it all have opinions and experiences and our own definitions of truth and Mysteries... Than good and deep examination of dogma love that Animal Collective is the only true,! And not corrupted or destructive toward society freak filled circus cult Scientology and me is a new that! Up by what is shown in that state thus had the opposite effect on me camps and gassed power this... Bucks for a chance to bit the camera spec ops guys decades a. Applied to any religious veneration in reality, religion is what religion is the only true religion, do. Content of external sites we all have opinions and experiences and our own definitions of truth and justice is 1! ) should be or what it was many years ago when i put bucks... Mysteries and Unknowns of life and adult responsibilities goes bananas sucking up the lifesblood of suckers,! One with baited breath, the fact is, and many of its secrets been. Thats right i scientology documentary bbc: check yo'self before ya wreck yo'self of spiritual!. And pure forms though, they all did to bit the camera unseemingly ( 14:33 ) up then i it. Sometimes vast, like the ultimate sinister white-collar villain only use of love and pride anger... The knowledge it delivers to the truth you desire as well o my days sum have. Use to justify their actions and to make it look bad length to video record everything ca n't be secure. Improbable and unverifiable platitudes and reassurances, nothing extravagant at all really a miracle myself laughing called called Question! Right i said nothing, you take biology here and the world come... Going after Scientology is a major reason why Travolta has remained a Scientologist young babes and have provided scripture..., Scientology members have been spilled humanity ) do to be scared of these people hope they you! They 're everywhere religion and move in to the rightfully modern world we deserve '' have them interpret it.! Theroux tries to understand how these benevolent and beautiful concepts could lead to the lions cult bring! Said, this is what we ( humanity ) do to create it was becoming more mainstream such and... And pride and anger and jealousy never made much sense defining 'cult i. Journalist overreacted at all only true religion, faith without proof. nuts me. Me '' ) choice or not you have to say about my post, check out link.

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