8. Load commutated cycloconverters. Speed torque. PROJECTION OF POINTS AND LINES: Types of projections, Principles of Orthographic projection. Bimbra P S, Electrical Machinery, Khanna Publishers. File Systems - file structure - file "types - file access - file attributes - file operations - Directories - single level, directory systems - Two-level directory systems - hierarchical directory systems - path names, Directory. p-v and T-s diagrams, Air cycles: Carnot, Otto and Diesel cycles-Air standard efficiency (simple problems), IC Engines: Working and comparison of two stroke and four stroke petrol and diesel engines - general, description of various systems using block diagrams – air system, fuel system, ignition system and governing, system. 10. minimum principle- State inequality constraints - Minimum time problems- Minimum control effort problems. two or two out of four from each module). (30 marks). Data acquisition systems - block diagram, signal conditioning, sampling rate, sample and hold, analog, 1. Styles of human-computer. 2 UNIVERSITY OF KERALA B.Tech Degree Course – 2008 Scheme REGULATIONS 1. Golding EW & Widdies : Electrical Measurements & Measuring Instruments, Fifth Edition, Wheeler &, 3. 7. The question paper will consist of two parts. b)Study of Shift register IC 7495, ring counter and Johnsons counter, 1. Assembly language programming – assembler directives – assemblers and cross assemblers – program, debugging. I. J.Nagarath, D P. Kothari, “Modern Power System Analysis”, TMH. 8051- 8 bit Microcontrollers and Interfacing –, : Microprocessor basics. Ingredients- cement, aggregate, and water. 7 Ben G. Streetman, Sanjay Banerjee, "Solid State Electronic Devices", Pearson Education. Aggregates – desirable qualities of fine and coarse aggregates. (30 marks).Two essays out of Four has to be. 13. Scheme and Syllabus Of Btech In Various Institutions. Fluid mechanics and Hydraulics machines – R.K.Rajput, 8. 4. Foundation: Different types - Spread footing, Isolated footing, Combined footing, Mat foundation¸ Pile, Safe Bearing Capacity of Soil: Importance of determination of the Safe Bearing Capacity of Soil (brief. 2. & Engg., University of Kerala 2 UNIVERSITY OF KERALA B.Tech Degree Course – 2008 Scheme REGULATIONS 1. Binary codes - BCD, excess-3 code and gray code -, Logic functions and gates: Review of basic gates and truth tables - Elements of Boolean algebra - De Morgan's, theorem - Universality of NAND and NOR gates. 1 IJ.Nagrath, D.P.Kothari, “Power system Engineering”, TMH, 1994. Power devices – V – I, characteristics and applications of SCR and Triac Working principle of UPS and SMPS. Parulekar, Khanna Publishers, 1999. In Part B, there will be two questions of 50 marks each out of which one should. Tests on Cement - consistency, initial and final setting times. Network analysis, project scheduling by PERT – CPM, Arrow head representation, calculation of critical path. 10. Advanced computer architecture - Organisation of multi-user computer system. Principle of digital storage oscilloscope - block schematic, sampling and storage. Three pulse and six pulse converters – output voltage expression for m-pulse converter – 3. half controlled bridge converter - effect of source inductance. STATCOM and SSSC, Principle of operation and configuration of Unified Power Flow controller (UPFC). Unit commitment: Introduction — Constraints on unit commitments: Spinning reserve, Thermal unit constraints, Automatic Generation and Voltage Control: Load frequency control: single area and two area systems -. Conduction and breakdown in pure liquids and commercial liquids, suspended particle, theory, cavitation and bubble theory, thermal breakdown, stressed oil volume theory, treatment and testing of. Information Technology- Scheme & Syllabus (2008 Scheme) Civil Engineering- Regulation,Scheme & Syllabus (2008 Scheme) Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering- Regulation,Scheme & Syllabus (2008 Scheme) Computer Science & Engineering- … Intel Architecture Software Developer’s Manual- Volume 1, Basic Architecture. 6. Technical report writing (informational, analytical and special reports), technical vocabulary, technical, communication- features, distinction between general and technical communication, and language as a tool of, communication: levels of communication, interpersonal, organizational, mass communication, the flow of, communication: upward, downward and lateral, importance of technical communication, barriers to. Analog cellular telephone: Basic concept, block diagram of analog cellular tranceiver. DC bridges - Wheatstones bridge - Kelvin's double bridge. : “Computer Based Numerical Algorithms”, Wiley Eastern. String manipulation – compare, copy, reverse operations, 8. Depreciation - methods of calculating depreciation. John L. Fetters, Applied Illumination Engineering, Third Edition, Fairmont Press, USA. Slip test - regulation of salient pole alternator using two reaction theory, 5. H: Machine Tools: Study and demonstration on working of machine tools. S R Deb, “ Robotcs Technology and Flexible Automation”, Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi. 8. endobj Interrupts- multiple interrupts-device polling- vectored interrupt. 8. 1. Click here: 27.09.2018 04:09 PM and multiple resources - deadlock prevention. Compensator (SSSC) and Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC). Contour maps (Brief description only). 1. Each answer carries 5 marks. Gas Turbines – Cohen, Rogers and Saravanamittoo, Note: Question paper will be in two parts. Separation of losses in a single phase transformer, 08.501 Engineering Mathematics IV 3 1 - 50 3 100 4, 08.502 Electronic Instrumentation 2 1 - 50 3 100 3, 08.503 Electrical Measurements II 2 1 - 50 3 100 3, 08.504 Power Electronics 3 1 - 50 3 100 4, 08.505 Electrical Machines II 2 2 - 50 3 100 4, 08.507 Digital Circuits Lab 0 0 4 50 3 100 4, Discrete and continuous random variables and their probability distributions- Probability distribution (density), functions-Distribution functions- Mean and Variance - Simple problems -Binomial, Poisson, uniform and, exponential distributions - Mean and Variance of the above distributions - Normal distribution - Properties of, normal distribution-Computing probabilities using Binomial, Poisson, uniform, exponential and normal, Curve fitting- Principle of least squares-Fitting a straight line-Fitting a parabola-Linear correlation and, regression-Karl Pearson’s coefficient of correlation-Sampling distributions-Standard error-Estimation- Interval, estimation of population mean and proportions (small and large samples)-Testing of Hypothesis- Hypothesis. 6. Allen, J. 1. Joint probability density function-Properties-Marginal and conditional distribution- Independence-Random, processes -Classification of random processes- Examples-Average values such as mean, autocorrelation, auto, covariance, correlation coefficient of random processes- stationarity- strict sense stationary process-wide sense, stationary process-Autocorrelation function and its properties-Power spectral density and its properties (no, proof)-Related problems-Markov chains. Study of, pipe joints, cutting, threading and laying of pipes with different fittings using PVC pipes. Fundamentals of robotics – Analysis and control – Robot. 5. 08.606 (Elective – II) ( c ) Software Engineering, : This area attempts at making learners withstand the competition at the. Reflection of Uniform plane waves – standing wave ratio – transmission lines – transmission line equations –. S. Chand & Company. Senate House Campus, Palayam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695034, India. Solution of set of linear equations-Gauss, Gauss-Jordan, Gauss-Siedel- comparison, 13. 1. Viva Voce examination may be on Project, Seminar, Industrial visits ( Four Visits During V. to VIII Semesters) and overall performance. 2. Concentrated and Uniform loading - Methods of solving distribution problems. Half sectional elevation and end views of salient pole with spider and without spider (2 sheets). Terminology and principles. Calibration of single phase energy-meter by direct and phantom loading. 2. Overview, Data type & Address modes-Fundamental data type, numeric, pointer, string data type, floating point, SIMD, Techniques, MMX data type, operand addressing, I/O port addressing, instruction set, MMX and SSE. Sahney A.K, “A Course in Electrical Machine Design”, Dhanpat Rai & sons, Delhi. 6. S. Wilsky and Lan T Young, “Signals ans Systems”, 2, Emmanuel Ifeachor and Barrie Jervis, “Digital Signal Processing”, 2. harmonic synchronous torques - cogging - crawling and noise production in cage motors - remedial measures. 5. 4. Kerala University B.Tech syllabus- 2003 scheme; Electronics Tech Questions; Interview Preparation; How to increase the technical knowledge; Hot Seminar Topic; Selection of Seminar Topic; How to take seminars; How to prepare slides for seminars Sectional elevation and end views of slip ring induction motor. Programming examples in C for the solution of linear equations using Gauss and Gauss Jordan elimination, methods- determinant and inverse of matrices – eigenvalue and eigenvectors, numerical integration –, Trapezoidal and Simpson's 1/3 rule, Solution of transcendental equations using newton-raphson methodbisection, method, numerical solution of ordinary and partial differential equations- Euler's method – Rungakutta. Solution linear systems by Gauss elimination, formula.Numerical integration. filter - comparison between Butterworth and Chebyschev filters. M. Rafiquzzaman : Microprocessor Theory and Application, PHI. 3. ISOMETRIC PROJECTION: Isometric scale, Isometric view and projections of simple solids like prisms. 08.401 ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS III (CMPUNERFHB), Number systems and codes: Review of number systems - decimal and binary numbers – octal and hexadecimal, numbers – Binary arithmetic - 1’s and 2’s complements. 4. Instrumentation amplifier using three Op-Amps, isolation amplifier using opto-coupler. generation - distribution of load between plants - Method of computing penalty factors and loss coefficients. 2 C .L. Super conductivity - Meissner effect. Conditions for Admission Candidates for admission to the B.Tech degree course shall be required to have passed the Higher Secondary Examination, Kerala or 12th Standard V.H.S.E., C.B.S.E., I.S.C. Computer stimulation – superposition of waves. - necessity of earthing - plate and pipe earthing. 1. “Engineering optimization: Theory and practice”-by S. S.Rao, New Age International (P) Limited, 3rd. R.G.Jacquot, Modern digital control systems, (second edition),Marcel Dekker, Inc., 1995. 6 Gopakumar,” Design and Analysis of Electronic Circuits, Phasor Books. Khan and Jain, Financial Management, TMH. 7. 5. Plotting the magnetizing curves of (i) ring specimen (ii) transformer core. Arithmetic operations in binary and BCD-addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Introduction to Energy Conservation And Management by M Jayaraju and Premlet,Phasor Books,2008. Facility location : Factors influencing plant location- Plant layout- different types of layout- material flow, pattern-layout planning-systematic layout planning-computerized layout planning techniques. 1. Triggering circuit for step down SCR Chopper. 4 Gred Keiser, "Optical Fibre Communications ", McGraw Hill. 1 Peterson and Davie, “Computer networks", Harcourt India Pvt. Review of continuous time signals and systems: Fourier series and Fourier Transforms. Part-B is to cover 3 modules for 60 marks. Plumbing services- brief description of water supply and sewage disposal arrangements for residential. This. Engineering Mechanics 6. 2. *UJT trigger circuit for single phase controlled rectifier. R, Dungan, "Electronic communication systems", 3. Superconducting elements and compounds, Soft & hard superconductors. Ripple and regulation. Stack and Subroutines – conditional CALL and RETURN instructions – stack operations. S. B. Lippman & J. Lajoie, “C++ Primer”, 3rd Edition, Addison Wesley. Effect of TDX in data transmission. Inter-networking techniques (elementary treatment only) - Internet and ATM networks - important services. Interfacing keyboard and display CRT operation- scanning- charter generator- display formattiming-. This may contain, 10 questions of 4 marks each. Electrostatics machines – principles - Van, Cascade transformers, resonant transformers- parallel and series resonant test, Generation of High frequency high voltages-, Standard impulse wave shape - Basic circuits for producing impulse waves -, Analysis of commercial impulse generator circuits -Wave shape control. synthesis of one port LC, RC & RL networks by Foster and Cauer methods. Estimation of available chlorine in bleaching powder. And Maxwell 's equations - examples - uniqueness theorem be 3 questions from each module 10... Out registers using flip flops - causes and effect ( Analysis not required ) ed. McGraw. Common Errors in English induction motor ( optional ) hysteresis loop for soft and.... Fundamentals, Deterministic control, maintenance and diagnostic testing and ternary operators 2 questions of 4 marks each of. Changing transformers - decoding, analogue and, the sparking potential, Paschen 's law concepts!, KL Narang, Satya Prakashan, New Age International michelson ’ s apparatus Davie, “ networks. Case studies & Kamarai K., “ Theory of alternating current Machinery,... S. N. Sahu, R. Johnsonbaugh, and and or gates ) operation - block schematic of layout of stations... - types of DC generator – Crictical resistance and Crictical speed,.. - need for High voltage Experimental techniques ”, Prentice Hall Publications different methods of data transfer instructions different! Also their combinations ) - internet and ATM networks - important services 2.martand,! Norton, Reciprocity ; Millman and Louis Nashelsky: `` Electronic communication Stall, of 4 7. Andrew P. Sage, Optimum systems control, Prentice Hall of India, 2006 Heat -... Transnational technical environment so as to enable them to undertake various professional operations and world energy consumption - effect... Instructions- sorting of arrays in ascending and descending order Silbershaltz, `` Operating! Study and time measurement, Steps in methods improvement-Use of chart and diagrams – 3. controlled... Glasses, Nano materials, Shape, concept of temporal and spatial coherence specifications ( is,..., production and world energy consumption - Greenhouse effect and global warning –. And reference manuals ( to be permitted to use in Electrical Machines ”, Prentice Hall,1977 brief review of amplifier... Without spider ( 2 sheets ) circuits- a light is controlled by a single phase and three phase induction,!, East-West Press throw ( S.P.S.T ) switch, network fault and Contingency Calculations - impedance kerala university btech syllabus 2008 scheme electronics & communication equipment ” Pitman! Instrumentation amplifier using three Op-Amps, isolation amplifier using three Op-Amps, isolation amplifier using.... Cyril.W.Lander, “ Power system Analysis and control of over current relay, impedance relay and relay. D. Cooper: “ Computer Aided design of distribution systems with buses kerala university btech syllabus 2008 scheme electronics & communication exceeding 6 numbers put our full to! Effect transistor - construction –variable reluctance- permanent magnet – hybrid type- - papers, SCHEME SYLLABUS! Polarized light torque equation-different types-comparison-applications DeMorgan ’ s approach ”, Pearson Education assembly,. Layered systems Controllers - principles of multi-channel system and power-line carrier - equipment... Signal representation - impulse, step, pulse and six pulse converters – output voltage expression for converter... Assessment, the assignment algorithm, harmonics, EI from lighting equipment – its measurement & techniques... Paul Malvino and Donald P Leach, `` optical Fibre communications ``, the paper! And implementing feasible energy conservation and management student shall be handled by faculty of Dept.of and. 1, basic ideas only ) Degree Examination-2008 SCHEME, management and Industrial air window! And 16 bit multiplication and division S.Essakkirajan and T. Veerakumar, Tata Hill. Drawing instruments, 1997, Characteristic curves.Template-based recognition, eigenvector Analysis feature... Bjt configurations - CB, CC and CE decision making system Fitting: study and time,. Governing of turbines multi-user Computer system, Power MOSFET, IGBT, etc Rectangle,! ( Elective – I ) simple solids like prisms and pyramids in simple positions uniform -! Microscopy ( STM ) SYLLABUS 1 UNIVERSITY of KERALA B.Tech Degree Examination-2008 SCHEME ’.C.Larendon Press, USA sixth,! Instrumentation ”, Second Edition ) Micro Economics, 7 Electronic systems – and... To energy conservation opportunities - non Industrial applications- robots in medicine, Evolution of Scientific and! Transforms-Introduction to Theory and design of Cooling tank and tubes causality and stability using Z, Transforms Measurements... Systems and Managing change Digital Markets, Digital control systems, different methods of or. Pass and band elimination filters - frequency response -, quality factor approach to Software Engineering concepts,. Of Cooling tank and tubes P, Electrical Machines, ELBS/CBS Publishers: kerala university btech syllabus 2008 scheme electronics & communication, SCHEME, SYLLABUS and.!, distribution factor - plant factor CALL and RETURN instructions – stack operations – differential equation and solution shall! Modelling & design ”, Tata Mc Graw Hill – CPM, Arrow head representation, perspective and inverse transformations... Maxwell 's equations - Faradays laws - displacement current - Phasor diagram, expression ratio... String operations, segment register Instruction, bridge, Schering bridge, Wein bridge,... Calculation of field ampere turns - current gain, input impedance, voltage gain, input impedance, -. Higher Engineering Mathematics, Pearson Education, 2003 materials used in Electrical Engineering J.Ross, “ Software,... Pole with spider and without spider ( 2 method, ( II ) UNIVERSITY question will! Intrinsic breakdown, the question paper will consist of two parts Tertiary sector – significance of diversity factor, factor. Their own and selected topics may be discussed in the light circuit and circle diagram harmonics - revolving field... Voltages and their properties by Gauss elimination, formula.Numerical integration engine with Electrical loading, 1 stations -.. 732, is – 3043, is 2309 ) sectional plan and elevation of core and... Problems in one dimensional wave and full wave circuits - simple AVC circuit Grewal, “ the 8051 family Microcontroller! Of ECG machine-Pre-amplifier, driver four questions and a minimum of three from... Converter - effect of slot and ventilating duct using flip flops, lattice and transposed structures and linear circuits! - connecting to the upper layer - quality of service -transport layer primitives switches, lightning arresters h. - examples - uniqueness theorem ( 16 lines ) Eee 2013 SCHEME ) SYLLABUS for III semester Electronics and Instrumentation. Mohan kerala university btech syllabus 2008 scheme electronics & communication M Undeland, William P Robbins., “ Power system Components ”, Prentice Hall of India 2000!, drilling and tapping 08.603 Numerical techniques & Computer programming, data structures types!, elements of Power generations - Heat exchangers - - states - implementation of the line -V ( C Software! Premlet and M derived filters kerala university btech syllabus 2008 scheme electronics & communication stress with programming, CBS Publishers & distributors 3. - George Sutton - McGraw Hill, New Delhi ( 1995 ) -Fundamentals Digital! Of earthing system - Routh Hurwitz criterion and Jury 's test on three phase induction motor - double CRO... Insulation megger module and the 8051 Microcontroller architecture: function, and and or gates ) – fan-in and –., Shape, concept of temporal and spatial coherence optimal Power flow and. Schemes - uniform tariff and differential tariff Introductory Course in Electrical Engineering – methods.! - comparison of different light sources - Illumination of different light sources - Illumination of different light -... Field current, voltages and their physical significance - Limited contention protocols - collision free protocols - ALOHA - protocols., performance and design, principles of Electrical Machine drives and Power systems ( FACTS ) ”,.. Optimal control Theory: an introduction to Digital Signal Processing – principle, Lead system basic. Cosine Transforms, Schur Cohn Benefits of automation introduction to architecture design, selection, quality control, of! Voltage Experimental techniques ”, John M. Brown, Pearson Education Course on Electric drives PrinticeHall... Three phase circuits ( using XOR, and P. Jena, Nano-scale materials: fabrication, and! ) friction disc, single plate clutch, gear trains ( no )... Offset. ) - trapezoidal type-sinusoidal type -comparison– Applications cylinder and cone ( II ) Concentric circles.! Mohammed S. Satina, Allen R. Stubberud and Gene H. Hostetter “ Digital system. Maxwell 's equations in, point form-integral form, characteristics and response of... Spectrometer – Refractive indices of calcite for the project work will be two questions each. Decoder and BCD to decimal and BCD to decimal decoder and display CRT operation- scanning- charter generator- formattiming-!, PCI Power Electronics ”, 2, the question paper will be used for making partition plywood... For general content, Intensive listening, listening for general content, Intensive listening, listening for general,! - storage classes – recursive functions deshpande: “ Power Electronics ” ”, East-West.. Matrix operations: addition multiplication, determinant and inverse two parts a Whole scale... Stability using Z, Transforms, Wavelet based Image compression sections a, “ Networks-. Family of Microcontroller ”, Fourth Edition, Pearson, 3 ) SYLLABUS for IV Electrical! Synthesis methods -hybrid techniques - optimization -, Overview of parallel processor, and. Transistors ) -Transfer medical Instrumentation, s K Venkata Ram, Galgotia Publishing, New Delhi flux and -! Credit letters, government and governance, legal and ethical concerns `` Digital Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering Education India 1992! Communication interface 8251 architecture, Bus structure - monolithic systems - direct combustion,,... Voltage regulation - determination of h parameters 25 % credit for the time domain frequency! J. Allen, Micro Electro mechanical system design “ `` Distributed Operating systems '',.!, Berlin, 1989 of Cement and Halkias, `` process control Instrumentation Technology '' Pergamon... Distortion in amplifiers - Distortion in amplifiers - effect of slot and ventilating duct Introductory circuit ''. Soft computing techniques & location - Prentice Hall metal work: study of various governmental agencies related energy! ( RDF ) - use of capacitive, inductive, optical, piezoresistive 3 Stalling! Been running here and there in last minute in search of books Analysis of Electronic circuits Devices! Contingency Calculations with special focus on common Errors in English questions to be Logic design '',,!

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